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The concept of jihad, commonly misused by the Western media, refers to struggle in the way of God or struggle to improve one’s self or society. Join me, a young American woman living in Cairo, Egypt, on my personal food jihad—struggling to push my food boundaries, and enjoy all that the Middle East has to offer. I eat, drink, and attempt to respect cultures so commonly misunderstood.

For a more thorough introduction to the blog, read my first post: In the Beginning – في البداية


9 Responses to About the Blog

  1. Bria says:

    What a cool concept for a blog! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures. I’ll see if any of my Egyptian friends here in NYC have any intel as to places you should check out in Cairo. By the way, thanks for adding me to your blogroll 🙂

    • foodjihadist says:

      I love your blog. Let me know any suggestions you have. We also go to Alexandria on a fairly regular basis if your friends have any suggestions for Alex. Keep in touch!

  2. aala says:

    darling..your next blog post…abu ashraf!!

  3. bill says:

    I stumbled upon your website, and is has now become my Cairo food-bible. I was wondering if you could tell me specific locations for a couple places you mentioned: the street food you ate with your brother near the citadel and the Yemeni Restaurant in Dokki. Thank you!

    • bill says:

      I know I’ve only given you a day, but I made plans, perhaps prematurely, to go to the yemeni restaurant tomorrow. Any advice on the cross streets?

  4. foodjihadist says:

    So sorry this has taken so long. Have been travelling. The address is 10 Iran Street in Dokki. The number is 33388087. Hope this helps. It is really great and deserves a try. Because of your comment I am working on making places I write about easier to find, so it’ll soon get better. Good luck!

  5. Micah says:

    Nice blog. Great write ups. But I disagree totally with your comment that Western media misuses the term jihad. Almost all of the time in the Koran and Hadeeth, jihad means holy war. I wish you could prove me wrong, because I want to believe that Islam is the religion of peace.

    “Muslims generally admit that there are two meanings to the word, but insist that “inner struggle” is the “greater Jihad,” whereas “holy war” is the “lesser.” In fact, this misconception is based only on an a single hadith that is extremely weak and unreliable.

    By contrast, the most reliable of all Hadith collections is that of Bukhari. The word, Jihad, is mentioned over 200 times in reference to the words of Muhammad and each one is a clear connotation to holy war, with only a handful of possible exceptions (dealing with a woman’s supporting role during a time of holy war).”

    So, how do I reconcile that? If you can’t then you really should change what your blog is called or explicitly state that you refer to the Greater Jihad.

    • foodjihadist says:

      Firstly, it should be said that like many food bloggers, when it came to choosing a name for my blog, I wanted something that grabbed peoples’ attention and was a fun play on words. The idea of my “food Jihad” is just that, a (hopefully) clever play on words that was inspired by a year of not eating very interesting food in Egypt and my desire to push myself to eat more of the regional cuisine and make relationships with the people responsible for preparing the regional cuisine.

      My title is not meant to refer to either “Greater jihad” or jihad regarding military conquest. Both of these are religious concepts. I am just struggling to eat more food from the Muslim world and understand food culture and politics in the Muslim world. It’s a play on words using the Arabic root structure -ج ه د . We were taught this root very early in my Arabic studies and that the present form of the verb simply means to struggle.

      As far as the religious and political implications of the word, on matters of faith, I defer to what the peoples of that faith express to me. I have met many, many Muslims, and every one of them believes that the “Greater jihad” or inner religious struggle to follow الله is more important in present-day Islam than the concept of jihad as military conquest. They also point out that the Qu’ran was sent by God in a time when the unification of the Islamic world through military conquest was of particular importance. Of course, we do see Muslims on American news channels that still believe in the importance of the concept of jihad as military conquest, but their opinions do not reflect the opinions of the moderate Muslim majority. That is what is important to me: the religious beliefs of the moderate Muslim majority. It is what is important to me concerning the practices of all major world religions. Sadly, the American media does not reflect the beliefs of the moderate majority.

      Religious beliefs regarding the proper practices of a religion change over time, and Islam has always encouraged taking time and context into consideration.

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