Where and What We’ve Eaten



First Day in Istanbul: Pide, Lahmacun, Durums

On the Street in Istanbul, Part One

On the Street in Istanbul, 2

Double Dinner in Istanbul

Manic Monday: The Spice Markets of Istanbul


Alexandria: the Princess, the Whore, and Damn Fine Food

Manic Monday: Photos of My Favourite Cafe – قهوتي المفضلة

Books and Bacon! – روايات ولحم الخنزير المقدد


Sinai is the Solution – سيناء هو الحل


1 Response to Where and What We’ve Eaten

  1. Dalia says:

    I just came back from Alexandria, and read the magnificent comment you wrote about us, i felt overwhelmed with emotions that i couldn’t express them in words.
    You are a very kind courageous woman for saying those sweet sweet things about us, thank you for your published honesty and for being sooo sweet.
    To be honest, the duck rub was mama Shousho’s idea, i just used the spices i thought would taste good.
    We’re waiting for you to come back and taste the rest of our specials.

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